Games with Friction

Some games work better with more friction.

Concrete Interaction Visibility in Game Interaction

Some game graphics are more real than others

Participation in Imagination

Every game offers a fantasy, and there are many different ways for them to fulfill those fantasies for players. A focus on agency and strategy has lead us to overlook the importance of performance. (And also why the players themselves are a part of the mechanics.)

Software Instruments - Research Debt

A community of practice has research debt when its students and researchers know they need to learn some topic X, but the avalable exposition on topic X is very dense...

Software Instruments - Performance

This week is about design space, and its navigation via generative instruments.

Software Instruments - Definition

I am revisiting the definition of software instruments today.

Software Instruments - Introduction

We describe software instruments as a family of interactive computational mediums (i.e. game-like artifacts) spanning both toys and tools...

Apologia for Game Wikis

Ludic mystery games — games that lean into the joy of feeling bewildered — invite us to import the social, discursive learning methodolgies of the real world.

The Sense of Scale in Software

Some software feels bigger than other software: why?

An offer you can refuse

In creative collaboration, mere action is insufficient to communicate intent.

Gameplay as Language

Nier: Automata knows that it is a videogame

Welcome to Mixed Initiatives!

These are the notes of the Seabright Camerata, a loose working group of scholar-practitioners in expressive computation.